What makes us different makes us brilliant.

Here at Diversify Bx, we believe in diversifying the industry and tailoring our direct services to best fit each client's needs; it's what makes us unique.  We are constantly looking for ingenious people to join our team, to bring their aspirations and enthusiasm.  Different views bring innovation and an exciting dynamic- one that WILL change the world.  

You can change the world

We thrive by leaning on each other.  A strong support system is key to ensuring everyone thrives.  Your individual perspective can be a resource for us; not only in our organizational perspective, but a global one as well.  

Culture of Community

Nurturing Growth

Whether this is where you see yourself or it's a stop towards your eventual career destination, you will get the same level of training, support, and dedication from our team.   

The Diversify Bx team difference: 

We Show-up 

That means supporting families in the way that works best for them.  We are clear with our intentions and our program goals so that the choices made for each session align with each family's values.

let's connect

-Stanley Greenspan, MD 

Children have the potential in them to be great.  Our job is to create a world where they can flourish.